Apply now for 2021 Richard and Susan Hayden Academy Fellowship

Applications are now open for the 2021 Richard and Susan Hayden Academy Fellowship in the Queen Elizabeth II Academy for Leadership in International Affairs.

Thematic Questions
  • International Law
    • How are new alliances within and across societies responding to a deteriorating environment for human rights?
    • How can cities and regions contribute to the shaping of global goals and how are they innovating on delivery?
    • How can human rights standards drive action at national and global level on issues such as climate change, digital governance and inequalities?
  • Global Economy and Finance
    • Are existing institutions for managing the global economy able to cope with the greatest challenges they face today?
  • Global Health
    • Where might the COVID-19 crisis catalyse universal health reforms?
    • What global strategies will be most effective for responding to challenges such as Covid-19 and antimicrobial resistance?
  • Energy, Environment and Resources
    • What has been the impact of COVID-19 on global and/or local climate governance?
    • What global strategies will be most effective for responding to challenges such as Climate Change?
  • International security
    • What are some of the emerging technologies that hold most potential in disrupting international security and why? Conversely, how can these same emerging technologies contribute to international security and why
    • How can nuclear arms control be revived in the 21st century, and what lessons can be learned from COVID-19 to inform the global and national nuclear weapons policies?
    • To what extent have the UN led efforts to govern cyberspace helped to achieve more accountable state behaviour?
    • The COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping geopolitics. What is the long term impact for international security and how will international alliances and institutions manage the escalating international tensions between large powers?
The fellow will receive a monthly stipend of £2,365. Modest provision is made for the costs of relocation, fieldwork, and possible publication costs.
A fellow’s time will be split between three key areas:
  • Completing a personal research project of the fellow’s own design undertaken with the guidance of a Chatham House expert, (approximately 50%).
  • Contributing to the ongoing research activities of their host research team and other Chatham House teams as appropriate (approximately 20%).
  • Participation in the Academy’s Leadership Programme (approximately 30%). The Leadership Programme is a key part of the Academy fellowships. It provides fellows with the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills, network and self-awareness, which they can then draw upon in their future careers as effective leaders in their field.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Citizenship: The fellowship is open to all nationalities.
  • Education: It is required that the applicant holds a completed BA degree or equivalent, Masters degree with an international focus is preferred.
  • Career: The fellowship is aimed at candidates at the mid-stage of their career and who come from academia, NGOs, business, government departments, civil society or the media.
For more information, visit Chatham House


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